The new Abbey Bike Tools Harbour Gauge wheel dish gauge started out as a one-off surprise gift for someone’s husband who already had virtually every tool. And they liked it, so they decided to make more…except they couldn’t realistically turn it into a production item as a completely machined one-piece tool. So, for production, it’s a three-piece billet aluminum part with feet bolted to the arch.

The plunger that sits on the axle is height adjustable and locks into place, press the button to release it. Price and availability is TBD, but they’re also working on standoffs to allow you to dish a wheel with mountain bike and fat bike tires installed.

They also have an indicator add on for those who want to get ultra precise. As for the name, apparently the original recipient said it looks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, so that became the name.

abbey bike tools chain breaker tool

The chain breaker we saw last summer is finally (finally!!!) ready to ship. Word is they basically sold out of whatever first batch they had even thought of making and then had to fill all those orders. And now they’re caught up…for a minute. It’s $175, which you can start to justify to yourself and your loved ones by reading all about it.

abbey bike tools pneumatic bicycle workstand prototype lifts the bike for you with the flick of a switch

Their prototype hydraulic bike stand lifts and lowers your bike with the press of a switch. The project started outside of the bike industry as a pallet wrapper, but that project fell apart and the pieces sat in a friend’s shed for years. Finally, Jason got a hold of it, added a clamp, and turned it into what would end up being an $8,000 work stand. Because that’s what bike and tool nerds do when they have access to cool stuff and a good imagination.

abbey bike tools pneumatic bicycle workstand prototype lifts the bike for you with the flick of a switch

The bike clamp attaches to the rails via very strong magnets, leaving the pneumatic system fully sealed inside for better durability. Meaning, you could attach anything to it.

abbey bike tools pneumatic bicycle workstand prototype lifts the bike for you with the flick of a switch

This one’s a prototype, but they could make more. It has its own regulator and oil lubricator, with an industrial rail meant for thousands of cycles per hour. So it’s total overkill, but also totally awesome.

abbey bike tools kit with custom metal case painted by Squid Bikes

New tool kit for $700 with custom painted metal tool box from Squid Bikes. They say the tools inside are about $600 of that price, the rest is the metal case, custom cut foam insert and the one-of-a-kind paint schemes.


    • m on

      park stuff is great for home mechanics not so much for shop guys
      With park allen wrenches Id go through 4 sets a year.
      Ive had a set of USAG wrenches for 3 seasons now.

      Its worth it to spend some coin for good stuff

      • T-Bird on

        Park has been great in a shop setting for me. Use there hex keys daily. I have a set of much more expensive Beta’s and they rounded out and when I called and emailed them they never responded. i will stick with Park for reliability and there service. I also heve a set of Wera’s and they are a good set as well.

  1. Fred Ddbg on

    “someone’s husband who already had virtually every tool”, could the initials of the lucky husband be D. R. ?

  2. Carl on

    I saw that bike stand and immediately thought about how handy it would be for E-bikes, and electric cargo bikes in particular. Trying to wrestle a 40+ pound bike into a work stand is no fun but necessary.


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