Nino Schurter’s second installment of his training videos takes things out of the gym and onto the bike for interval workouts. His goal? Improve VO2 Max and Threshold Power Output. The goal, of course, is to get faster, and by improving those to metrics, he can go faster for longer and, hopefully, continue to outpace everyone else in the field.

What’s the difference between Threshold and VO2 Max training?

According to Nino (and, likely, his coaches), Threshold workouts are designed to increase the highest average power you can sustain over a period of time, in watts. VO2 Max training increases your body’s efficiency at getting oxygen pumped to your muscles, and how efficiently it can use that oxygen.

what are nino schurters heart rate zones and power training interval levels

How much power does Nino put out?

Wanna catch him? He did 6 x 5 minutes for VO2 Max, but says anything from 3-8 minutes per interval for a total of 25 to 40 minutes of intense effort per workout. His output average? 440 to 450 watts! How does your output measure up?

Check out his first episode for gym work and get to it!


  1. Isn’t that more watts than what Wiggins put out for the hour record? Good to know his numbers anyway , if I ever race him I will simply crank out 451 watts and beat him 🙂

  2. Doing those numbers for 3-8 minutes is certainly impressive, but not out of this world. I raced a guy who did 435 for 48 minutes. Difference? Probably about 35 pounds. Schurter is clearly the whole package.

  3. Based on those numbers he said for his 6x5min intervals @ 420-470w @ 5’8″ @ 150lbs (he’s probably closer to 145 during season) puts his ftp in the neighborhood of 385w or around 5.8w/kg. that’s absurd. Would love to know what van der poel’s is.

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