Sea Otter Play, the virtual version of the Classic event held every April in Monterey, CA, is now open for pre-show riding and games. They’re offering daily challenges that you can ride in your hometown to earn points toward giveaways and prizes…like the grand prize of a BULLS Copperhead EVO AM 1 e-mountain bike worth almost $5,000!

sea otter classic online play virtual cycling challenges promotion

To play, head over to their website and register, then check out the full daily schedule of events and challenges. These run through September 17th, when the Festival goes live. Once open, you’ll be able to earn additional points by visiting expo and sponsor booths, clicking around the venue, and hunting for special logos and “easter eggs” throughout the digital playground.

Full contest details are online, and no purchase is necessary to participate. Challenges start September 2nd, so get on it!

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