Trek’s Domane+ e-road bikes have been powering through the launch editions lately, starting with the lightweight Domane+ LT. Then they added a Project One custom option for it. The more powerful Domane+ HP offered a big boost of newtons, and all of those used carbon fiber frames.

Now, the Domane+ ALR packages the lighter Fazua motor system into a sleek alloy frame that drops the price without dropping the best features…

2021 Trek Domane+ ALR specs & features

2021 Trek Domane Plus ALR electric road bike with fazua motor system

The Alpha Aluminum frame is built around the same Fazua Evation drive system that powers the lighter LT model. That means you can remove the entire drive pack (battery + motor) quickly and easily, leaving you with a regular unassisted road bike without any added drag.

The Fazua motor kit is light on its own, and used for bikes that want some assist without the brute power of bigger motor and battery drive systems. It has a 250Wh battery and will assist up to 20mph in the U.S., and 25km/h in Europe.

2021 Trek Domane Plus ALR electric road bike removable battery and motor pack

It also removes most of the added weight, with only a bit of extra frame material giving any indication this was an e-bike.

2021 Trek Domane Plus ALR electric road bike head tube

2021 Trek Domane Plus ALR electric road bike features and details

Controls are integrated into the top tube, leaving your handlebars clean of any remotes or displays. The shifting and gearing is mostly Shimano 105, with FSA’s e-bike compatible double chainring setup at the cranks:

2021 Trek Domane Plus ALR electric road bike with shimano 105 drivetrain

While it looks like a road bike, it can handle more. There’s clearance for 700×38 tires, and it’s based on their endurance geometry. And with the ability to assist for up to 65 miles, its range can help you tackle those longer rides, too.

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    • adamrice on

      If you click through the link, you’ll see it’s US$4599. So about as much as the un-electrified aluminum Domane plus a pretty nice electric scooter.

  1. Joenomad on

    I still do understand the reasoning behind the 20 mph cutoff for a road oriented bike that is targeted for US sales. Make it a true class 3 with a 28 mph assist and then it’s a better option.

    • Antoine Martin on

      for a fazua motor 20mph is pretty ok i guess. Even for a full bosch shimano motor i think it’s ok, on the other hand in europe 25 really suck.

      • Joenomad on

        Most of Fazua’s marketing spiel highlights assist going uphill. Not every bike ride is up mountains. The maximum assist is 250 watts with the Evation motor, so in theory you not going to get much more than a few mph over 20. I think it makes sense in the UK, but not so much is the US.

  2. Shafty on

    Does anyone take advantage of the “removable” feature? It seems like another product manager check box. Wouldn’t you just run it in the lowest assist mode.

  3. Joseph on

    I test rode one and the motor was broken. The good news? It rides just like a regular road bike without the assistance working.


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