Fezzari has just unveiled a new integrated, aero carbon triathlon bike prototype designed for both tri and ultra-endurance racing. But while it looks suitably aerodynamic, we’re just as interested in what it means for superbike affordability?

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike, complete

c. Fezzari

Fezzari has built a name for themselves mixing high-end performance, competitive light weights and real affordability thanks to their consumer-direct model – backed by a no-risk trial period & lifetime warranties. So does that mean we are looking at an affordable carbon triathlon bike that will go toe-to-toe with the super-expensive superbikes of bigger brands – like that 15,000€ Plasma we saw debuted last week?

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike, Iron Cowboy James Uberman

The Utah-based bikemaker has been working on this triathlon bike prototype with their own ultra endurance athlete James Lawrence, aka @ironcowboyjames. And more than just a mock-up, The Iron Cowboy just finished his 400 mile bike leg in the Uberman relay race this week on the new bike (his teammates swam 22mi & ran 135mi!)

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike, mockup

Developed for both traditional triathlons and more grueling endurance events, the new prototype Fezzari triathlon superbike incorporates several key features we’ve seen in competing aero, TT & tri bikes, but with what looks like a more upright riding position that is likely to fit real riders vs. the more slammed setups on many pro bikes.

What do we know about the new triathlon bike?

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike, front end testing

The disc brake, thru-axle Fezzari triathlon prototype features an integrated aero design from the deep-bladed fork that hides the front brake caliper, through a smooth fork crown into a front wheel cutout in the downtube, then back to a set of lowered horizontal seatstay. Up top, a dropped headset tucks the stem in-line with a mostly horizontal toptube, that transitions back to a super deep, almost vertical aero seattube and seatpost.

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike, fully internal cable routing FSA ACR

Together all of this should minimize both the frontal area of the bike, and overall wind resistance across the bike. Making things even more aero, all cable are fully internally routed through a 1.5″ FSA ACR / ICR headset & stem that still allows for cockpit adjustability.

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike, details

Then aero fins bolt-on drag reducing storage both under the aerobar extensions and behind the seatpost to further improve aerodynamics. Even without the rear box, a standard set of bosses provide more bottle carrying capacity, in addition to two sets of bosses inside the main triangle, and a three-pack of bosses on top of the toptube for more fueling needs.

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike, complete with integrated aero storage

Fezzari hasn’t mentioned how long we will have to wait for a production triathlon bike, even mentioning that this prototype doesn’t even have a name yet. But they do say that it  will be lightweight, feature “advanced aerodynamics”, and was design specifically to provide “comfort for long hours in the saddle”.

Fezzari prototype carbon triathlon superbike, Iron Cowboy James

Now we just have to wait to learn more…



  1. Greg on

    Beards are surprisingly not a huge issue.
    I dig the nearly horizontal seat stays, as long as they’re not cancelled out by the very large dropouts. I think it’s a better way to go than simply eliminating the seat stays, with all the geometric structural losses you end up with.


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