Cory Benson

Bikerumor EU Tech Editor. From a techy MTB background, I ride anything that gets the tires dirty, with a penchant for steep & loose terrain, occasionally (often?) on inappropriate bikes!
Pirelli P Zero Race Tub SL tubular road race tire

Pirelli P Zero Race Tub SL sews up ever-lighter tubular for World Tour pro...

While tubeless continues to make inroads into pro racing, the new Pirelli P Zero Race Tub SL tire shows that there's still performance to...
Strava 3D Heatmaps, strava premium subscription activity ride data 3D terrain map overlay, Andalo

Strava 3D Heatmaps show your ride in a whole new perspective!

Strava gives premium users another way to look back at their favorite riding spots with new 3D heatmaps. Overlaying all of your activity data...
2021 Prime Thunderflash EN bike, affordable consumer-direct carbon 29er enduro mountain bike, riding

How Prime Bicycles went from DH racing dreams to launching two gravity bikes

Last winter we got a tease of upstart mountain bike company Prime Bicycles with their long-running DH bike project. Now, Prime is ready to...
2021 Prime Rocket DH bike, affordable consumer-direct carbon 29er downhill mountain bike, pushing

Prime optimizes carbon-to-cost ratio w/ new Thunderflash enduro & Rocket DH bikes

Prime Bicycles is here with the Thunderflash enduro & Rocket DH - two all-new carbon mountain bikes promising boutique gravity bike performance at a...
Silca Diamond Polished Waxed Chains, world's fastest ever racing chain

Silca makes your chain faster by polishing it with Diamonds

What's faster than Silca's Secret Blend waxed chains? A chain polished for three days with diamond dust and then coated with their Secret Blend...
2021 Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO aero carbon road bike wheels, riding

Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO spins up lighter, faster aero carbon disc road bike wheels

Campagnolo's new Bora Ultra WTO road wheels are now lighter, stiffer, faster & more aerodynamic, improving on the already race-proven Bora carbon wheel family...
Kask Urban R city commuter bike helmet, Alpen Bike Capsule bike storage locker

Urban roundup: new Kask helmets, VentaPak commuter bag spacer & Alpen Bike Capsule

Urban bike commuters don't always get the most cutting-edge technology, but there are plenty of ways to improve the bike-to-work beyond just building e-bikes...
Zipp 353 NSW tubeless wheels, ultra-wide 25mm internal hookless tubeless carbon disc brake road bike wheelset

Zipp 353 NSW Tubeless hookless wheels are lightest, most versatile yet with ultra wide...

Zipp's Nest Speed Weaponry lab spins out a new top-tier with all-new carbon 353 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake wheels, balancing all-around road bike aerodynamics...
KP Cyclery Nighthawk steel cargo bike, affordable EU-made customizable long john cargo bikes, riding

KP Cyclery Nighthawk, EU-made cargo bike mixes smooth steel ride, affordable options

KP Cyclery is back again with an all-new steel Nighthawk cargo bike, made entirely in Europe. The Long John-style cargo bike offers plenty of...



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