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IB15: Fresh Goods from Orange Seal, Fixit Sticks, Togs & Speedsleev

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Orange Seal has added an Endurance Tubeless Sealant to their mix, which adjusts the latex and Nanite blend to help it last longer in the tire before drying up. They were very quiet about the exact chemical changes, but say it’ll last up to four months in normal temps before losing effectiveness. That, and they added more of the Nanites to help plug holes and induce clotting at a puncture.

Regarding the sealant’s longevity, you’ll need to take your own conditions into account, so if you’re in Texas in the summer, you may want to check it a bit more often. And for that, they have their new dipstick, which fits inside a Presta valve once you remove the valve core and lets you quickly check your sealant level without unseating the tire. It’ll ship free with their 4oz and 8oz bottles.

If your conditions are more like Minnesota in the winter, you’ll wanna take a look at their fat bike rim tape and Subzero Tubeless Sealant, which debuted at Frostbike last year.


Fixit Sticks, which are some of our favorite tools ever, have upgraded their pouch offerings to be a little more professional and keep your bits better organized and easier to access. Gone are the stitched inner tubes and plastic bit sleeves. In their place are these lined and hemmed pouches for both their original and T-Way multitools. The original’s rolls up into the tiny roll you see on the bottom left. The T-Way’s is a bit bigger, but should still fit nicely in your jersey pocket.


They’ve also updated their T-Way shop tool with a smoother spinning handle with ribs to improve your grip.


Speedsleev is upgrading their Seatsleev saddlebag tool rolls with a new lightweight nylon material and new colors. Look for those to hit their website soon.


Also coming soon is their new top tube Aero Bento Box. The Velcro straps will have grippy material on the inside to keep it upright, and the shell is shaped. A full zip lets it open like a clamshell just enough to get at its contents but without them spilling out the sides while riding. It’ll retail for $40.


First shown at Sea Otter as a concept, the carbon fiber Togs thumb rests are now shipping. Unlike the originals, which clamp on similar to a lock-on grip, these build in a hinged clamp to make them easier to mount if you’ve already slipped on some foam grips. They’re just 18g a pair and retail for $35.

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8 years ago

FixIt Sticks should consider a name change to Bike Tech’s Best Friend, or maybe BBT for best bike tool. Oh screw it, leave the name as is. All I know it the T Way is my go to tool for when I’m at work. Super handy, I can’t imagine not having one. We have four benches in our shop and every bench has one, ever one of the tech’s are a convert just like I am. If you don’t have one, do yourself a favor.

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