Lauf True Grit gravel bikes get size specific carbon leaf spring suspension forks

Yesterday, the big news was that Lauf Bikes were going consumer direct with their new DTY program. And while the resulting drop in pricing gained a lot of attention, it was the brief mention of changes to the fork on the True Grit that really piqued our interest.

Lauf True Grit gravel bikes get size specific carbon leaf spring suspension forks

When it was first introduced, their Grit SL suspension fork was only offered in one spring rate. But now for complete bikes only, Lauf is introducing size tuned stiffness for the Grit SL.

Lauf tells us that there will be three different fork spring stiffness levels. The softest springs will be stock on the XS & S frames. Then the Medium and Large frames get springs that are 15% stiffer, followed by the forks on the XL frames which get another 15% stiffer (30% stiffer than the XS/S fork springs).

Lauf’s new DTY program includes lower pricing on all models, and size tuned Grit SL suspension forks.

Currently, Lauf is not offering the ability to swap between stiffness levels within a bike size. That means that if you’re very tall and very light, or very short and very heavy, you still might not be on the ideal spring rate, but for most riders the new springs should result in a better ride across the board.

As mentioned, the different spring rates are not available for their aftermarket fork sales – only on complete bikes. We wouldn’t be surprised for that to change in the distant future, but for now, their aftermarket Grit SL fork is sold only in the same stiffness level that you will find on M/L complete bikes.

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