Specialized’s Holiday Gift Guide – Goodies for Every Cyclist

Few brands have as comprehensive a catalog of bikes, components, tools, kit, helmets, and accessories as Specialized. So, for the Super Fan, or just anyone looking for a great quality cycling gift to give or get, here are their current faves for nearly every category…

specialized air tool big bore mini pump with hose

Air Tool Big Bore Pump

Designed for Fat and Semi Fat tire bikes, the Air Tool Big Bore Pump ($45) moves a massive volume of air per stroke. It features a simple press-on head that’s easy to use even with thick winter gloves, making it perfect for backcountry winter fat biking.

specialized air tool sport floor pump with metal body

Air Tool Sport Floor Pump

The all-metal Air Tool Sport SwitchHitter II Floor Pump ($40) is super affordable, but comes with all of the essentials for easy inflation and an accurate reading. An ergonomic handle helps you pump tires up to 160psi, and a long hose makes it easy to reach them even with the bike in a stand. The SwitchHitter pump head means quick, simple use on Presta and Schrader valves, too, making it a great family-friendly floor pump.

specialized align 2 road bike helmet with mips is under 50 dollars

Align II

A clean aesthetic and comfortable fit – not to mention a Five Star safety rating from Virginia Tech’s renowned helmet shootout- makes the Specialized Align II helmet a steal at $50. Inclusion of the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), a patented technology designed to mitigate against rotational forces transmitted to the brain during certain angled impact scenarios is an excellent feature for any helmet, but nearly unheard of at this price point.

The Align II includes the Headset SX dial fit system for easy fit adjustment, their 4th Dimension Cooling System for incredible ventilation, and an easy one-size fit system. If you’re on the quest for a feature-rich helmet that leaves some jingle jangle in your pocket, the Align II is for you. Oh, and it comes in ELEVEN colors!

specialized butcher grid trail eMTB and mountain bike tire for enduro and all mountain riding

Butcher Grid Trail 2Bliss Ready T9

The Butcher GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready T9 ($60) features a World-Cup proven aggressive tread design to bite and grip in any condition. Ramped and siped, the center tread blocks provide maximum traction and accurate steering. The sawtooth faced shoulder knobs offer a continuous biting edge for railing through corners.

Their GRID TRAIL casing is a step up from GRID with more reinforcement, delivering better handling at lower pressures—all while increasing pinch flat protection by 15% and puncture protection by 30%…it’s actually one of our favorite for eMTBs, too! The high-dampening GRIPTON T9 compound rebounds slowly to grip and stick to the ground for total traction and control. Available in 29×2.3 & 29×2.6 sizes.

specialized flux 250R rear light for road bike riders

Flux 250r Taillight

Serious road riders put in serious miles. Most of those miles occur in the daytime, when bright ambient conditions mean you need huge lumen numbers to be seen by motorists.

But there’s no reason a super-bright taillight can’t look the part on the fastest road bikes. You invest in the best road bike technology – you deserve an equally fast taillight.

Packing a huge punch with 250 lumens, the Flux 250R taillight ($65) is visible at more than 1 mile (1.5 km) in the brightest daytime conditions. On their (notoriously fast) lunch rides Morgan Hill, California, Specialized employees get those conditions all the time, and this is the taillight they made for themselves, and for the rest of us.

hi vis road bike and gravel cycling gloves from Specialized

Hyprviz Neoshell Rain & Thermal Gloves:

Your warm, dry hands will be thanking you on your next rain ride with the help of our new Neoshell Rain Gloves (available in Men’s and Women’s versions, $65, shown left). Not only do they feature a Polartec Neoshell upper to keep your hands safe from wind and chilly weather, but they also include an interior waterproof sleeve that keeps your hands dry and fully protected from the elements. Pair that with a hydrophobic AX Suede palm and you’ll have all the dexterity and comfort you need. Additionally, the HyprViz treatment increases your visibility to motorists around the clock by pairing Hyper Green with black.

The new Neoshell Thermal Gloves (also in Men’s and Women’s versions, $50, on right) have been designed to add some warmth on chilly days. A Polartec Neoshell upper keeps your hands safe from wind and chilly weather, all while keeping the overall bulk of the gloves at a minimum. Pair that with a hydrophobic AX Suede palm and you’ll have all the dexterity and comfort you need. Additionally, the HyprViz treatment increases your visibility to motorists around the clock by pairing Hyper Green with black.

specialized trail thermal winter mountain bike gloves for mens and womens sizes

Trail Thermal Gloves

Specialized’s new Trail Thermal Gloves (available in Men’s and Women’s versions, $40) stave-off chilly weather. Featuring a wind-resistant 3-layer softshell upper, these gloves are perfect for long trail rides when the mercury drops. And while they excel in warmth, they keep bulk at a minimum to ensure confident and comfortable grip on the bars.

specialized stix switch two pack bicycle lights for front and rear

Stix Switch 2-Pack

With the Stix Switch 2-Pack ($55) , your lighting options are endless. How? The Stix Switch features the ability to switch between red and white modes with a simple, long press of the power button. So, if you need extra light up front, more visibility at the rear, or a traditional front/rear combo, the Stix Switch 2-Pack delivers.

specialized tactic mountain bike helmet color options

Tactic MTB Helmet

It’s All in Your Tactic. With an unprecedented combination of fit, ventilation, and confidence for trail and enduro riding, the Tactic MTB Helmet ($110) delivers deep coverage and seamless integration with goggles or glasses.

The Tactic’s slim, highly adjustable Integrated Fit System accommodates a wide variety of head shapes and occipital bases, letting you dial in helmet angle to better fit around sunglasses or goggles. The fixed visor protects against branches without getting in the way of your vision, and special channels give you a spot to store your glasses underneath.

At 380g (average weight, size medium), it’s light considering the features… and its Five Star Virginia Tech rating. With CFD-designed interior channels and an engineered gap at the brow to move air, it’ll keep you cool on long, hot climbs. And with MIPS Evolve and the optional ANGi crash sensor alert system, it’ll keep you safe as you bomb down the trail, too.

specialized torch 1 white road bike shoes

Torch 1.0 Road Shoes

Take the performance and Body Geometry ergonomics of our high-end road shoes, put them in an affordable design, and you basically have the Torch 1.0 Road Shoes ($110). For the closure, Specialized added a single lightweight Boa L6 dial that features tool-free snap replacement capability, while also providing simple, on-the-fly micro-adjustments. And, they’re white, so you know they’re fast!

This post is sponsored by Specialized and edited by the Bikerumor editorial team. You can check out more of their products at Specialized.com.

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