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Tasty New Treats Roundup #1 – ClifBar, CarboRocket, Fluid, GU & Infinit Nutrition

all the gu flavors of energy gelsNew GU Salted Lime Roctane gel benefits the iconic trail race where the company got its start.
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Our annual gel-and-bar fueled tear through the Sea Otter Classic always yields tasty new treats, and this year brought about a cornucopia of new flavors and formats from big brands and small. So much so, that I’ve broken it up into two parts. Starting off with GU, they have a new Hoppy Trails flavor that’s likely to remind you of your favorite IPA, except a lot sweeter and a better choice while actually riding. The flavor was better than I’d have guessed based on the name, but definitely something to try with a single pouch before committing to a box.

GU Hoppy Trails hops and IPA beer flavored energy gel

It’s more than just a celebration of our favorite post-ride bevvie, it’s a way for them (and you) to give back to your community. A portion of each Hoppy Trails gel sale goes into a fund, and you can apply for a grant to use some of those funds to build better trails or improve access in your area. Full details on the program here, or just head to their homepage at GUenergy.com.

I hadn’t seen this Chai Latte flavor before, but word is it’s not brand new, just new-ish. Unfortunately, they weren’t sampling all the flavors because, as you can see from the feature image up top, that could get out of hand very quickly.

GU probiotic supplement for endurance athletes

Also new are their Probiotic Plus supplement with Ginger and Licorice roots to calm your stomach after an intense training session or race, and the Magnesium Plus with vitamins and Zinc. Why magnesium? Because many of us are deficient, and it’s one of the main electrolytes that helps our muscles relax (as opposed to contract), which is great for recovery and to keep everything, um, cycling back and forth like it’s supposed to on the bike.

CarboRocket is coconuts for hydration

carborocket acqua coconut water based sports drink mix for hydration while exercising and cycling and running

CarboRocket’s new Acqua hydration mix is a refreshingly clean formula using powdered coconut water as the base, plus dried fruit powders, brown rice syrup solids and sea salt to keep you hydrated. Retail is $29 for 20 servings. Click any image to enlarge to read the ingredients.

ClifBar Cubes & Boston Creme Pie

ClifBar Cubes and boston creme pie flavor gel

If there’s a race to see who can come up with the best possible energy gel flavor, the new Clif Shot Boston Creme Pie flavor might be winning. Sadly, they didn’t have samples of this one either, but just the name makes our mouths water.

For solid food fans, the new Clif Cubes takes their nut butter filled bars and stretches them into longer form, then notches them so you can easily pop off bite sized chunks. Three flavors are offered: Double Peanut, Strawberry Banana, and Tart Cherry.

Infinit ways to consume coffee

protein cold brew coffee drink mix from infinit nutrition

Want a combination of grass fed whey protein, coffee and cream to get your morning started right? The new Infinit Nutrition Cold Brew offers just that, delivering 100mg caffeine and 20g protein per serving. Retail is $48.99 for 18 servings, available now.

Fluid vegges out on protein

If you prefer your protein in vegetable form (or vegetables in protein form?), the new Fluid Protein is a plant-based alternative that delivers 22g protein per serving. It’s low in carbs, so it’s more of a protein shake supplement than post-ride recovery, but they offer that, too, also with a pea protein base. And check out that new packaging…very nice. The Protein runs $42.95 for a 20-serving bag, available in Spiced Vanilla only. What makes it special is the inclusion of Ginger Root and Turmeric, plus Cinnamon and Black Pepper, all of which can help with recovery, reduce inflammation and keep your tummy feeling alright.

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