Illuminate your ride with new stylish, sustainable Traveler Front & Rear Lights by Thousand!

From the very beginning, starting with a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015, and the original goal of  “helping to save a thousand lives by making helmets that people actually want to wear”, Thousand has been focused on bicycle safety.

We’ve all seen their Heritage helmet. It’s a cool-looking helmet. In fact, we awarded it the Most Stylish Commuter Helmet back in May 2021.

Anywho, we all know one of the best things we can do as cyclists to help ourselves stay safe, besides wearing our helmets, is to “be visible”. Well, Thousand also knows this and has released their attractive, new Traveler Light in hopes to broaden its vision and encourage safe urban mobility through stylish, sustainable, and user-friendly products.

Thousand Traveler Light front on bar

Photo c. Thousand

Let’s take a sip from the “brutal truth” cup, shall we?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 2020 dealt us 938 cyclist deaths, a 9% increase over 2019, and a majority of these deaths happened between the hours of 6pm and 9pm. So running a front and rear light at all times makes good sense.

The Traveler Light

Thousand Traveler Light

The Traveler Light in three color choices

Thousand Traveler Light and helmet

Stealth Black is matchy with the Chapter MIPS helmet in the same color.

Thousand Traveler Light and helmet

Speedway Creme is matchy with the Heritage helmet in the same color.

Thousand Traveler Light and helmet

Thousand Navy is matchy with the Heritage helmet in the same color.

Thousand Traveler Light inspired by camera lens

The camera lens-inspired “focus ring” handles the light’s switching.

Thousand says the Traveler light is inspired by a camera lens and features a rotating dial, like the focus on a camera, making it easy to switch between the three modes quickly and intuitively.

The modes are: Front: Solid at 100 lumens, Daylight flash at 250 lumens, and Eco flash at 30 lumens. Rear: 35 lumens, Daylight flash at 80 lumens, and Eco flash at 10 lumens.

Thousnad Traveler Light magnetic mounting

Quick and easy magnetic mounting.

The Traveler Light’s cool magnetic mounting allows the light to attach to the base magnetically, meaning that you really only have to mount the base of the light once, not really needing to move it after that.

It also allows you to quickly and easily pop the light off to charge it or take it with you to prevent theft. Pow, just like that!

The mount is compatible with 22.2 to 35mm handlebars and the rear light can fit seatposts ranging from 25.4 to 35mm.

Thousand Traveler Light charging post

The charging port on the light pod.

The Thousand Traveler Lights are USB rechargeable as well. Thousand says in just a couple o’ hours you can get from 0% to 100% charge. The USB-C charging cable is included with the lights.

The Traveler Light comes in sets!

Thousand Traveler Light Set

Front and rear in the color Thousand Blue

Thousand Traveler Light Set

Front and rear in the color Stealth Black

Thousand Traveler Light Set

Front and rear in the color Speedway Creme

Thousand mentioned that they “utilized a human-centered design process when designing each of its helmet models – the Heritage, Chapter MIPS and Thousand Jr. – and the brand leaned into real riders once again for input in the development of the Traveler Lights”.

In the press kit, they also say that through the process of designing this light set, it became clear to them that riders looked for the key factors of convenience, and simplicity when looking for a light.

Thousand claims that the “Traveler Lights address each of these details directly in simple-to-use and intuitively designed front and rear lights, made for urban travelers on the go“.


Retail: $65

  • Front light, handlebar mount, rear light, seat post mount, and two USB-C charging cables included
  • USB rechargeable with a 2 hour charge time
  • Magnetic mount allows for easy removal and installation of lights and helps to deter theft
  • Simple dial allows for quick and easy switching between 3 light modes
  • Front:
    • Solid: 100 lumens, 8 hour runtime
    • Daylight Flash: 250 lumens, 6 hour runtime
    • Eco Flash: 30 lumens, 36 hour runtime
  • Rear:
    • Solid: 35 lumens, 4.5 hour runtime
    • Daylight Flash: 80 lumens, 3.75 hour runtime
    • Eco Flash: 10 lumens, 22 hour runtime
  • Lightweight product with 40 g light and 20 g mount
  • Compatible with 22.2-35 mm handlebars (front) and 25.4-35 mm seat posts (rear)
  • Water resistant and protected from light rain showers (IPX4)

Check out all of the cool stuff on the Thousand website below!

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Huffagnolo SuperMagna
Huffagnolo SuperMagna
12 days ago

Sorry but flashing front lights are not safe! We really need to stop making them and marketing them. Just stick to the STvZO standards for lights and you are likely to get a good light with a good beam pattern that is more visible. The only time one should flash a light is if they are an emergency vehicle going at considerable speeds. It is a bike not a discotheque/rave. Every time I see a flashing light I have to look away and close at least one eye, and any smart observer would say that isn’t safe.

Their helmets are certainly popular but I can’t stand low ventilation helmets except maybe in the dead of winter.

12 days ago

Flashing front lights are perfect during daylight hours. After sunset, they’re not good as they make it hard for drivers to judge distance to that rider

11 days ago

Nice design. Make that rear one in silver with a base that bolts to a rack mount and I’m even more ‘sold’.

9 days ago

Flashing headlights are actually illegal in the state of Washington. It’s very unlikely you’ll get a ticket but they are very annoying to other cyclists and motorists. Pulsing headlights are better. This is a variation of a light that’s been available for quite a while.