Fluid Recovery Nutrition, based out of San Luis Obispo, CA, starts shipping their second flavor, Berry Treasure on 9/5/08.  Their first flavor, “Tropical Escape”, was voted “Best Nutrition Product of The Year” at Trifest 2008.

The ingredient list is pretty clean: Maltodextrin, crystaline fruit sugar (which I presume is “fructose”), whey protein isolate, L-glutamine, natural flavor, citric acid, sodium, soy lecithin, ascorbic acid, potassium.  It has a 3.6:1 carb/protein ratio, if you’re counting.

The company claims it’s 100% natural, and given the simplicity, their slogan makes sense: “Fluid is everything you need and nothing you don’t.”  Jarrod Shoemaker (18th, Beijing Olympics, Triathlon) is reportedly a fan.

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