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Bikerumor Top 22 of 2022: Our Best Stories About Tires, eBikes, Prototypes & More!


It’s that time again. The point of the year where we come skidding to a halt and look back to think what a ride the past year has been, and wonder what rides the next has in store. As usual, we’ve been wrapped up in covering what’s new in the cycling world, but that has yielded some very popular stories to be added to the all time greats.

Looking back on the top 22 stories of the year, some are making a return from 2021. But some are brand new – particularly in the eBike realm. 2022 seems to be the year where a lot of new eBike tech was launched to make eBikes smaller and lighter than ever. Our tech dives into the various motor systems proved to be popular, but there was plenty of non-eBike news that made the cut as well.

As always, we would like to thank all of you for coming along for the ride. We have even more in store for 2023, and hope you and your friends will join us in the new year!

Bikerumor’s Top 22 Stories of the Year

1. Best XC Mountain Bike Tires – These are the fastest MTB tires

Need some new fast tires? This is a good place to start. 

2. Lezyne permanently fixes your tubeless tires, tracks bikes & packs a proper pump for travel

Has Lezyne perfected the tubeless tire patch?

3. Review: Every cyclist should have Pocket Pedals’ slip-on platform pedals

Do you really need slip on platform pedals? Tyler thinks so…

4. All new Pivot Shuttle SL barely looks like an eBike, weighs as little as 36.25lbs!

eBikes are getting more stealthy, and lighter all the time. The new Pivot Shuttle SL looks great!

5. Tech Talk: Are your bike tires too wide for your rims? Here’s how to get it right

A perennial favorite, this piece dives in to rim width vs. tire width, and how to get it right.

6. A closer look at the radical new TQ-HPR50 eBike Motor & Harmonic Pin Ring Transmission

eBike motors are also getting quieter, which drove a lot of interest to the new TZ-HPR50 eBike motor system.

7. Prototype Decathlon Rockrider budget mountain bikes set to race the UCI XC World Cup

Prototype? Budget? UCI XC World Cup? Not often words grouped together, but Decathlon is leading the way.

8. New details on prototype SRAM Eagle DM derailleur, SL cassette & powermeter chainrings

Is the new SRAM Eagle Direct Mount system imminent? It looks pretty finished to us…

9. SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS BlackBox prototype direct mount derailleur & FlatTop chain coming soon

More SRAM direct mount derailleur news. As you’d imagine, it was a popular subject.

10. Skarper DiskDrive turns ANY Bike into an E-Bike with Zero Frame or Wheel Mods!

Want any bike to be an eBike? The Skarper DiskDrive is an interesting solution.

11. All-Wings EVO 4.0 Super Hornet takes flight with padded saddle design for the longest rides

One of the wildest looking saddles ever returns with a new version!

12. Best Cycling Shoe Insoles: Memory foam, arch support, knee alignment & more!

Need some insoles for your cycling shoes? This is a good place to start.

13. #Vanlife: Can you charge an electric vehicle with rooftop solar panels?

Want to charge up off-grid? Seems like many people do…

14. All-new Lauf Seigla gravel bike dramatically boosts compliance & tire size

Lauf set the stage for gravel suspension years ago, and now the new Seigla gravel bike gets even better.

15. New smaller Mahle X20 hub motor powers the “lightest e-bike drive system on the market”

Again, lighter and smaller were hot topics for eBikes.

16. The Best GPS Cycling Computers

Are these the best GPS computers? Our writers think so.

17. Review: The new Growtac Equal Brakes combine little size and big power!

A new mechanical disc brake? The Growtac Equal is an interesting addition to the category.

18. Best Bike Chain Lubes: How to make your bike faster, quieter & smoother

Everyone has their own opinions on chain lubes. These are some of ours.

19. Update: Ratio Prototype Direct-Mount Derailleur Could Beat New SRAM Eagle DM to Market

Even more direct mount derailleur news, but not from SRAM. This prototype from Ratio could be a way to upgrade existing derailleurs.

20. 3X3 Nine internally geared hub promises performance with ZERO maintenance

Who likes maintenance? Apparently not the folks at 3X3.

21. Review: Wolf Tooth Components 6-Bit Hex Wrench is a Great EDC Multi-Tool

The Wolf Tooth Components 6-Bit Hex Wrench is good enough that Ron carries his every day.

22. Best Mountain Bikes for Kids – Our top 20” to 24” wheel youth MTB picks

More kids on bikes, right? Enough said.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

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1 year ago

a few surprising ones up there, well done on the list, always interesting to see whats trending

1 year ago

Great list!

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